George Shelley is a former member of the band Union J and a former X-Factor contestant who competed in the fifteenth season of I'm a Celebrity UK, where he entered the jungle on Day 1, managing to finish up as Runner-up to Vicky Pattison on 6th December,2015.


George was born 27th July 1993 and raised Clewedon North Somerset. George attended Kings of Wessex Academy before he graduated from the Weston college in the year 2011. During the year 2012, George was a member of future X-Factor band; Only the Young. but left the group in order to audition for the ninth series of The X Factor UK.

George was initially eliminated alongside Triple J at the boot-camp stage of the competition. However thanks to the fact that Rough Copy had to pull out before the Judges Houses stages, a spot was left. When Triple J were brought back to the show, but only if George was added to the group to make it a four-piece. The offer was accepted from all parties and George and Triple J came together to become Union J. Together with his new band George managed to make it to the live shows of the X Factor's ninth series. In the end the group managed to finish in fourth place, just behind Christopher Maloney, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur.

After this George entered the fifteenth season of I'm a Celebrity UK, where he entered on Day 1 and managed to finish as the runner-up of the season, to Geordie Shore personality; Vicky Pattison. Not long after this George left Union J.

Bush-Tucker Trials

Trial Name Description Stars earnt
Hell-evated The celebrities get suspended in mid-air in Perspex containers, with Ant and Dec spinning a wheel that would determine who got covered in bugs. The celebrity would have to endure this to win a star. 10
Jungle Ghost Train Contestants hop in the Jungle Ghost train carts and get taken through a critter infested ghost tunnel and have to endure it to win stars. 3
Cocktails and Screams Guzzle gross drinks in order to win stars for your team and if you can't do so, you're partner will be dunked. 7
The Trailer of Torment Endure staying in the Trailer for the duration of the trial in order win a meal for camp, with anyone leaving automatically forfeiting the trial for the team. 5
Saturday Fright at the Movies Take part in critter-filled movie-scenes while trying to obtain stars. 11
Celebrity Cyclone Star relay with 4 other campmates. 5
Critter Attack Step inside a Perspex container filled with critters and attempt to release stars from their coils. 4