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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here! (France)
Series Four (2006)
Name Entry Exit      
Richard Virenque Day 1  Day 16   
Filip Nikolic Day 1  Day 16   
Loana Petrucciani Day 1  Day 16   
Marielle Goitschel Day 1  Day 16   
Charles-Philippe d’Orléans Day 1  Day 15   
Benjamin Bove Day 1  Day 15   
Indra Day 1  Day 14   
Omar Harfouch Day 1  Day 13   
Satya Oblet Day 1  Day 12   
Delphine de Turckheim Day 1  Day 11   
Agnès Soral Day 1  Day 10   
Sonia Dubois Day 1  Day 9   

The first series of French I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out of Here! began on 14 April 2006 and ended on 28 April 2006. The programme ran for 14 days (16 days if counting the day the celebrities arrived and the morning the finalists exited). The series was won by Richard Virenque


Celebrity Famous for Status
Sonia Dubois Former television presenter and author Eliminated 1st
Agnès Soral César Award-nominated actress Eliminated 2nd
Delphine de Turckheim television presenter and actress Eliminated 3rd
Satya Oblet Model Eliminated 4th
Omar Harfouch Billionaire Eliminated 5th
Indra Singer Eliminated 6th
Benjamin Bove Model and television presenter Eliminated 7th
Charles-Philippe d'Orléans Prince Eliminated 8th
Marielle Goitschel Champion Alpine skier Eliminated 9th
Loana Petrucciani Real TV Star Eliminated 10th
Filip Nikolic Former 2Be3 member, actor Runner Up</sup>
Richard Virenque Former road racing cyclist Winner</sup>

Results and elimination

     Indicates that the celebrity was in the bottom
     Indicates that the celebrity was safe from elimination
     Indicates the winner celebrity
     Indicates the runner-up celebrity
     Indicates that the celebrity received the fewest votes
     Indicates that the celebrity was eliminated
     Indicates that the celebrity withdrew
Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16
The Final<small />
Richard Virenque Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
(Day 16)
Filip Nikolic Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 4th Second place
(Day 16)
Loana Petrucciani Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Third place
(Day 16)
Marielle Goitschel Safe 10th Safe Safe 7th Safe Safe Fourth place
(Day 16)
Charles-Philippe d’Orléans Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 5th Eliminated (Day 15)
Benjamin Bove Safe Safe Safe 8th Safe 6th 6th Eliminated (Day 15)
Indra Safe Safe 9th Safe Safe 7th Eliminated (Day 14)
Omar Harfouch 11th Safe Safe Safe 8th Eliminated (Day 13)
Satya Oblet 10th Safe Safe 9th Eliminated (Day 12)
Delphine de Turckheim Safe Safe 10th Eliminated (Day 11)
Agnès Soral Safe 11th Eliminated (Day 10)
Sonia Dubois 12th Eliminated (Day 9)

Bushtucker Trials

The contestants take part in daily trials to earn food. The participants are chosen by the public (Day 1–8) and the production (Day 9–16).

Total Amount of Bushtucker Trials the celebrities took part in

Richard Filip Loana Marielle Charles-
Benjamin Indra Omar Satya Delphine Agnès Sonia

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